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Triggers and Trauma

I have become a very open person when it comes to the abuse and traumas in my life. Not because it’s something I enjoy talking, because I really don’t. But it has helped with the healing process and I’ve seen the impact it’s made on others since I first shared my story. And that impactContinue reading “Triggers and Trauma”

When Nothing Helps

After a couple of bad weeks I really wanted this week to be good. I needed for this week to be good. And even though nothing bad happened this was still a bad week for me. Depression and anxiety decided to hit me at the same time. Now depression and anxiety are overwhelming enough onContinue reading “When Nothing Helps”

My Cost of Standing Up

Standing up to someone who scares me or has abused me is nothing new. I’ve been doing it since I was a child. I’m actually starting to get quite good at it to be honest. My hypervigilance, exhausting as it is, keeps me prepared for any new threat. Even threats I thought I was protectedContinue reading “My Cost of Standing Up”

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